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The mission of RI Solar Roofing is to educate our clients about how to reduce or minimize their energy usage at any time.

About Us | RI Solar Roofing

Our aim is to work with our residential and commercial customers on how to use the most sophisticated energy efficiency technologies and solar and roofing materials of the highest quality to minimize energy consumption. The highest quality services are delivered on a regular basis by our trained inspectors and installation crews.

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Our Team

The team of committed professionals from RI Solar Roofing is trained to evaluate every home or commercial building and recommend how energy use can be minimized or eliminated! To suggest the best solution for your home or workplace, we use state of the art energy management monitoring and design software.

We provide solar energy design , construction and solar project services as a leading Rhode Island based solar integrator and contractor with national coverage and distribution capabilities. RI Solar Roofing is committed to making it simple and inexpensive for all to use solar power.

We have a variety of advisory services, all tailored to help your business achieve its potential. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for a slight tweak or a complete redesign. Our services are a la carte, so you can get exactly what you need.

We are optimistic that by reducing energy use, we can help you prepare a more sustainable future.

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